Sree Muthappan Seva Sangham, Coimbatore  has pleasure to inform  all devotees  that it has decided to purchase a plot of land ad-measuring 1690 sq ft in front of the Muthappan Madapura. This will definitely improve the facilities and convenience  to the devotees coming to the Madapura for  worship . 
We humbly request all devotees to support this project by contributing  generously. Your contribution is a "samarpanam" to your favorite , compassionate  and kind  Muthappan who listen to all your problems and  find solution . Please take this opportunity to participate in this project and be a recipient of Blessings of Lord Muthappan  . 
Devotee can donate any number of square feet of land to Muthappan@ Rs 750/- per sq.ft . 
Your contribution for this divine project can be  deposited or transferred to our account :

Sri Muthappan Seva Sangham  ,  

Current A/C no. 17910200000249

Federal Bank, Vadavalli Branch, Coimbatore-641041  ,

IFSC : FDRL0001791
For any further details please contact

                      President  -  9443478388

                      Secretary -  9787742559 

                      Treasurer – 9363143675

The Temple is Open now  for public with Covid restrictions.

Working Hours:

Morning: 6AM to 10 AM

Evening: 5.30PM to 8.30PM


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All members and devotees are informed hereby Vadavalli Muthappan Madappura is open for devotees with covid restrictions following Govt. Norms. All offerings (Vazhipadu) ,  daily Payamkutty puja and rituals will be conducted  regularly by the Madayan . Those interested to offer Payamkutty puja or any other vazhipadu can call or message  to President, Secretary  or Treasurer.


President  -  9443478388

Secretary -  9787742559 

Treasurer – 9363143675

We request our members and devotees to cooperate.

Last Event​
Thiruvappana Mahotsavam

Thiruvappana Mahotsavam

Vellattam on31st Dec 2019 Evening


Thiruvappana on 1st Jan 2020 Morning



Sree Muthappan is a Hindu deity worshipped commonly in Kannur district of north Kerala state, South India . Muthappan and Thiruvappan, are considered to be a manifestation of Shiva and Vishnu , and hence Muthappan wholly represents the idea of Brahman , the unity of God, as expressed in the Vedas .

Worship of Muthappan is unique, in that it does not follow the Sattvic (Brahminical) form of worship, as in other Hindu temples. The main mode of worship is not via idol worship, but via a ritual enactment of Muthappan, performed daily at the Parassini Kadavu temple. Fish is used as an offering to Muthappan, and people of all castes, religions and nationalities are permitted to enter the temple and take part in the worship.

Muthappan is also the principal deity in the ritualistic Theyyam dance ( Muthappan Theyyam ) performed in the famous Parassinikkadavu temple . The ritual performers of Muthappan Theyyam belong to the tribal community of Kerala. It is unique because in Kerala both the upper-caste Brahmins, and the lower-caste tribals, both have a significant contribution to the major forms of worship




Sree muthappan is the personification of vishnu and shiva the two supreme deities of hindu divinity-

Devotees get the darshan and blessings of the divine powers when they visit the muthappan temple.

The underlying philosophy of sree muthappan temple is “vasudeiva kudumbagam”—the world is one family - with universal love and was a long time desire of the devotees in coimbatore to build a madappura here.and with the wholehearted support of the people the vadavalli sree muthappan seva sangam started constructing the temple in the unique style of kerala art and architecture.

The kumbabhishekam was done from 27th may to 1st june of 2014, observing prasadhasudhi, vasthu homam, ganapathy homam, thrikala pooja, prana prathishta, devaprathista and kalasa pooja   apart from other elaborate rituals such as muthappan vellattam and thiruvappana. 

Daily payamkutty vazhipadu is being conducted in the temple ever since at 6.30 pm everyday and all nercha vazhipadu as done in kannur-parasinikadavu are being done here.

Sree muthappan vellatam is regularly done on first sunday of every month by the committee, and any day of the month on the booking by devotees.​

The number of devotees visiting the temple every day grow in strength and their firm belief that lord muthappan readily hears their prayers , their desires fulfilled, their miseries disappear and the god is always at their call drives true devotees to the temple with strong devotion and conviction.



SREE MUTHAPPAN – the personification of Lord Shiva and Vishnu- As the Legend has it that a child lying on a flower bed on the banks of river Valapatnam was found by a childless Bramin couple Ayyankara Illathu Vazhunnor and his wife Padikutty Amma .The couple took the child as God send and as the boy grew he exhibited extra ordinary divine powers  and became uncontrollable. When the child was admonished by the parents the Lord has shown his true form and left the house for forest. He first went to Kunnatoorpadi and then to Parassinikaddavu.When He was in the forest He wandered like a rustic with a  Bow and Arrow.

Dogs accompanied the Lord . He destroyed the evil forces and protected the poor and helpless. Finally reached Parassinikadavu the present Aroodam and made it the eternal abode of Sree Muthappan.





There was a small a prayer hall in the present vicinity of the temple and in that Room Sree Muthappan portrait was there where in the evening regular lighting of lamp took place.

Every month Sankaramam day Payamkutty vazhipadu conducted and Daily Payamkutty held the whole of Karkadakha months.Devotees in large numbers gathered on the Payamkutty days and they have tales of miracles about blessings of the Lord showered on them and had their vows fulfilled

During Vellattam Held at Temple

Being the above of spirituality and rituals, this temple disseminates the human value of unity


Padmashree P R Krishnakumar

MD, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Cbe) Ltd.





Even though Lord may be worshipped one's heart or in one's home, temples provide a natural atmosphere of sanctity and purtiy.  Sree Muthappan Temple in Coimbatore bring awareness of the presence of the lord in the daily lives of the people and devotion in them.


Swami Siddhabodhananda

It is a wonderful shrine and a lot of work has gone into it to make the structure look so impressive.  I am grateful to Sree Muthappan Seva Sangham  for taking care of our visit to make it memorable.


R K Krishnakumar (Trustee, TATA Trusts)



ஸ்ரீ முத்தப்பன் கோயில் 

 வடவள்ளி ,கோவை .

பக்தர்கள் சிவனை வழிபட சைவ தலங்களுக்கும் விஷ்ணுவை வழிபட வைஷ்ணவ ஆலயங்களுக்கும் செல்வார்கள். ஆனால் ஸ்ரீ முத்தப்ப தெய்வத்தின் ஆலயத்திற்கு வருகை தரும் பக்தர்களுக்கு இரு தெய்வங்களும் ஒரே சந்நிதியில் காட்சியளிக்கிறார்கள்.

பக்தர்கள் முத்தப்பா என்று விளித்தால் சிவன் விஷ்ணு இருவரையும் அழைத்ததாக அர்த்தமாகும்.முத்தப்ப தெய்வத்தை வழிபட மந்திர உட்சாடனங்களோ, ஸ்லோகங்களோ எதுவும் இல்லை.பகவானுக்கும் பக்தனுக்கும் இடையே எவருமில்லை.பக்தன் நேரடியாக தெய்வத்திடம் முறையிடலாம்.சாதி வித்தியாசங்களோ உயர்ந்தவர் தாழ்ந்தவர் என்ற பாகுபாடுகளோ  இங்கில்லை.

வெள்ளாட்டம் ;  பயன்குற்றி ; மற்றும் சுற்று விளக்கு எனும் முக்கிய வழிபாடுகள் உள்ளன.

வெள்ளாட்டம் ;

இது  எங்கும் காணக்கிடைக்காத ஒரு தெய்வீக நிகழ்வு ஆகும்.கடவுள் சம்மந்தப்பட்ட நிகழ்வுகளை ஒரு நாட்டிய கலையாக வெளிப்படுத்துவார்கள்.அது சமயம் கடவுள் அந்த வெள்ளாட்ட கலைஞனுக்கு தெய்வ சக்தி அளித்து தன சொரூபமாக இயக்குகிறார்.

பக்தர்கள் தமது துன்பங்களையும் இன்னல்களையும் தெய்வ சக்தி பெற்ற அந்த கலைஞனிடம் கூறுகின்றனர்.தெய்வம் அந்த மனித சக்தியின் மூலமாக பக்தனுக்கு ஆறுதலையும் துன்பங்களுக்கு தீர்வையும் கூறுகிறார்.

பயன்குற்றி :

முத்தப்ப தெய்வத்திற்கு தினசரி மாலை 6.30 மணிக்கு பயன்குற்றி பூஜை நடத்துவார்கள்.கடவுளுக்கு பயறு, தேங்காய் கீற்றுகள் ,இளநீர் ஆகியன வைத்து பூஜை நடத்திய பின் பக்தர்களுக்கு அது பிரசாதமாக வழங்கப்படும்.

சுற்று விளக்கு என்பது பிரகாரத்தை சுற்றி உள்ள  36 விளக்குகளில் தீபம் ஏற்றப்படும்.மேலும் பல வழிபாடுகளும் உள்ளன.

முத்தப்ப தெய்வமே என்று அடிமனதில் இருந்து ஆத்ம சுத்தி உடன் அழைத்தால், விளித்தவர் எவராயினும் அவர்தம் துயர்களை களைந்திட காத்திருக்கும் கோவை வடவள்ளி முத்தப்பனை தரிசித்து அனைத்து வளமும் பெற்று வாழ பக்தியுடன் அழைக்கிறோம்.

02-04-2021 -Friday

Nercha Vellattam Samarapanam by Smt Sarada Amma

03-04-2021 - Saturday

Nercha Vellattam Samarapanam by Rahul/Shalini Warrier

04-04-2021 - Sunday

Koottu Vellattam

Those who wish to participate may contact office bearers please 

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