Following Offerings ( Vazhipadu/Pooja) can be done at this Temple by devotees 

Muthappan vellatam vazhipadu:

The muthappan theyyam is performed in front of the supreme deity sree muthappan and thiruvappan amidst chenda vadyam and elaborate rituals. While performing this divine ritual the god transforms to the performer some unique powers and the performer considered to be the lord is able to mediate to the devotees directly and the devotees too convey their prayers, express their anguish and seek solutions and blessings. This is a unique form of offerings only to be seen at muthappan madapura. The theyyam group is requisitioned from Kannur in Kerala who are experts in these types of theyyams.  

Muthappan Payamkutty vazhipadu:

This is a traditional offering made to lord muthappan by devotees with boiled Gram, coconut slices, burnt dry fish and rice grains. After conducting the pooja the devotees are offered the above as prasad. This vazhipad is conducted invariably on all days of the year at 6.30PM

Chuttu vilakku:

This offering is made by lighting the 36 lamps hanging around the Sree Kovil. Devotees present at that time join the person who made the offering and light the lamps which adds not only brightness but divine beauty to the place.

Vahana pooja:

Muthappan devotees, when a new vehicle is purchased or at special occassions,promptly conduct vahana pooja here as they believe this gives success, safety and prosperity to them and vehicles

These following are the other major vazhipadu /offerings at this madappura :

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 ஸ்ரீ முத்தப்பன் கோயில

 வடவள்ளி - கோவை

 வழிபாடு விபரம்  


1. தீபம் ஏற்றுதல்                 /   LIGHTING THE LAMP.                             10.00

2.கரீம் கலசம்                          /    KARIM KALASAM   --------------        51.00

3. வித்யா ஆரம்பம்              /     VIDYARAMBHAM------------              51.00

4.ஊட்டும் வெள்ளாட்டம்    /   OOTTUM VELLATAM ----------       101.00

5.விளக்கும் மாலை             /    VILAKKUM MAALAI     ----------       101.00

6.விளக்கில் எண்ணெய்      /     LAMP  OIL  ( ONE TIME ) -------   101.00

7 விளக்கில் எண்ணெய்

    ( இரு நேரம் )                    /      LAMP OIL ( TWO TIMES )----               202.00

8. சாதம்  ஊட்டுதல்             /      RICE  FEEDING       ------------         101.00

9.வாகன பூஜை                     /     VEHICLE POOJA       -----------          101.00

10.துலாபாரம்                         /      THULAPARAM         --------------     101.00

11.பயங் குற்றி                      /       PAYAMKUTTI          ------------           251.00

12.கூட்டு திருவப்பன       /      THIRUVAPPANA          ------------    3000.00

13.திருமணம்                       /       MARRIAGE                ------------          501.00

14.தீபஸ்தம்பம் ஏற்றுதல்/   DEEPASTHAMBAM LIGHTING --    1001.00

15.சுற்று விளக்கு               /       LIGHTING LAMPS  AROUND     ---   1501.00    

16.கூட்டு வெள்ளாட்டம்  /     GROUP  VELLATTAM   -------------   1001.00

17.ஒரு நாள் பூஜை           /       ONE DAY POOJA        --------------      1501.00

18.வேண்டுதல் வெள்ளாட்டம் /  VELLATAM                                 36000.00

19. Annadanam                                -------------------------------------------- Rs.1000/- 

20.Group Thiruvappana-------------------------------------------------------Rs.3000/-

21.Nercha Thiruvappana    /  -------------------------------------------------Rs.99,000/-

  1. Payamkutty 

  2. Vellattam 

  3. Thiruvappana

  4. Oottum Vellattam

  5. Karim Kalasham

  6. Deepasthambham

  7. One day pooja

  8. Chuttu Vilakku

  9. Vilakku Mala

  10. Oil for Lamp

  11. Vehicle Pooja

  12. Choroonu

  13. Vidyarambham

  14. Thulabharam (materials not included)

  15. Wedding

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